Monday, June 10, 2019

6 awesome “I love cat” t-shirts for cat lovers

Just like every second or third person is a dog person then similarly, every second or third person can be a cat lover. Many times, you will find them proclaiming "I love cats" often in a heated discussion. Yet sometimes it would be a good thing to appreciate their love for the cats, so it can be a good idea to give them something that will make them feel better about themselves. This is where I love cats shirt comes in. Why do you ask this can be a good idea? Well, we say this because they will love the fact you appreciate their love for cats

1. Cats in a box Slim-Fit T-Shirt:

When you talk about a lot of cats, cat lover will get cute and will blush on this type of occasion. Just think of what they will feel when you hand them over an I love cats shirt. They will literally believe that you love them. On this one is a cardboard box full of cats, which the cat lover will really like.

2. I can’t adult today decal shirt:

This one is for the lazy cat owners and cat lovers. There is a reason that lazy persons love their cat so much, as their personality traits tend to be similar (even though they have to take their litter).

3. I Would Love to But My Cat and I Already Made Plans Shirt:

This one is for the cat lovers who tend to spend more time with their cats than their people. This I love cats shirt is the one to look out for.

4. Vintage Best Cat Dad Ever T-Shirt:

If someone who is a cat lover and a man who is a dad to them, and also dots on them, Then this one is for them, and you can get it in range of different colors.

5. Paws! Classic T-Shirt:

This one is a play on the famous Jaws movies but instead of a shark, there is cat swimming to the horizon of the sea. This is the I love cats shirt that every cat lover should like

6. The I Love Cats Heart T-Shirt:

What is better than a group of cats? A group of cats together making a heart shape is what better than just a group of cats. If you heart cats and the one you are giving to, then this is the one

As you can see the number of different shirts, you can choose one I love cats shirt from these. These can be available in more than 17+ colors, and all of them very unique. Also, these are available in different sizes if one of them is slim fit you can always choose a bigger size to fit if the slim fit is not your thing. We hope to see you again, but this time we want to see you around the shop around something from us. We hope you do come. Hurry up and get an I love cats shirt.

6 awesome dinosaur t-shirts for men

Ever since Jurassic Park came out 25 years ago, a lot of men are crazy about our ancient friends (pun intended). Some have even become paleontologists in the love for the dinosaurs. You probably, either have a friend or a family member who is a dinosaur lover and loves to live in the Jurassic era, then you have come to the right place. This is because we sell a different type dinosaur t shirt men's style, to cater to every dinosaur enthusiast who is a man.

1. Unicorn Riding Dinosaur T-shirt:

We get that your dinosaur lovers are very serious about their passion about them, but sometimes you can like other animals. In this case, there is a fantastical one, and everybody calls it a unicorn. On a shirt like this, you can see a unicorn riding something that looks like a mix of Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex. The unicorn is wearing a shade, and there is a rainbow in the background. Get this type of dinosaur men's shirts style for your favorite dinosaur lover.

2. Furafik Fark Parody T-shirt:

Eh! This one makes fun of the famed franchise of Jurassic Park movies, right down to the park's logo from the movie. The name is based on the meme of the same name that parodies the movie, Jurassic Park. While a Jurassic Park lover will always love the movie but he or she can take some time to make fun of it just a little bit. It may be better for your health.

3. Daddysaurus Rex T-shirt:

If a dinosaur lover is a dad to be or is already a daddy then this shirt style is the one to go for. It gives the message that the person to whom you are giving the shirt is a great father.

4. American Flag Dinosaur T-shirt:

Have you ever seen a T-Rex holding an America Flag while he or she is wearing a red shade? Well, the rex on this one does, so in the spirit of incoming fourth of July, you can help your friend or family member don this one.

5. Hugging and trying dinosaurs in love T-shirt:

Have you ever felt that you may love a person, but are unable to express the love easily? If this is the case, then this dinosaur shirt the style will be perfect for you or the person you are giving to.

6. I’m Rexy and I know it Classic T-shirt:

This awesome t-shirt style puts a spin on the popular song from the electronic duo LMFAO, which went by the name I’m sexy and I know it. How about getting this one.


We have a lot of these available in different sizes and styles. Additionally, almost any of them are available in around 17+ colors, so make sure you get the one that you are sure the dinosaur lover will like. We are looking forward to this, and hope you will shop soon.